Nau Mai, Haere Mai

This page is for the beneficiaries of the Ruapuha Uekaha Hapū Trust.

Who can register?

Descendants of Tanetinorau Opataia, Te Aroa Haami Haereiti, Te Whatakaraka and Te Riutoto Aihe are eligible to register with the Ruapuha Uekaha Hapū Trust.

How do I register?

To register, click the REGISTER ONLINE HERE button or download a PDF of the registration form and send it in.

Please note the online registration is only an initial registration to help us identify who you are. Once you have received your log in details you will need to log in and enter your address and any other details you would like to add/amend.


Why register?

  • So we can inform you of important issues and decisions affecting the Ruapuha Uekaha Hapu Trust.
  • So we can send you information on benefits that you are entitled to as a beneficiary including our Education Grant Funds.
  •  So we can send you our latest Tomokia Panui to update you on what is happening with the Trust.


I've already registered!

Great - you can manage your details here. Let us know if your contact details change.